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Our PI Krešimir Pripužić presented a research paper titled Forecasting water level and discharge in the Kupa river basin at the 8th EUGEO Congress on the Geography of Europe which was organized from June 28th to July 1th 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the congress was organised in hybrid form. 

The main topic of the congress, Sustainable geographies in the heart of Europe, refers to the passion geographers have for the exploration of the world that surrounds us. Understanding complexity and fragility of geographical environment as well as of the own discipline has been an essential part of many geographical efforts. The congress is open to all geographers, physical and human alike, and to any interested scholars from related disciplines. The participation of young scholars and PhD candidates, independent scholars, as well as researchers applying multi­disciplinary approaches is encouraged.

Autor: Krešimir Pripužić
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